Who We Are


Green Plant Machinery LTD is a new name,         backed up by a young and dynamic team, with over 12 years of experience in the business of Construction Machines, spare parts and attachments for JCB machines.

We are located in Rochester / Kent,  United Kingdom, having a very good access to road and air infrastructure. 

These facts gives us the possibility to deliver our products, to any destination in UK and worldwide, in a shortest time possible.
Our Mission
We know that your business demands the construction machines to be in excellent working order, and ready for every projects that you are committed to.
Over these years we learned and acknowledge which are the expectation of our customers, when they have a problems with the machines,  that they carry in their machine park , or / and maintenance is needed.
Below are the first 5 most important elements , which are the fundament of our mission, to be number 1 in your supplier options, when JCB parts and machines are needed:
  • Fast Quotes
  • Compettiv Prices
  • Excellent Quality
  • Fast Delivery
  • Tehnical Consultance
We are committed to be always at your expectation, when you search for the best solutions, of having the right parts and spares for your machine in the shortest time possible.
What We Offer
More than 175000 quality spare parts for JCB.
Entire range of parts, spare parts and attachments, Genuine, OEM and Aftermarket for JCB machines and Perkins engines, as follow:
  •   JCB Engine parts
  •   JCB Transmission / Axle parts
  •   JCB Undercarriage parts
  •   JCB Electrical parts
  •   JCB Hydraulic parts
  •   JCB Bodywork and frame parts
  •   JCB Cab parts
  •   JCB Brake parts
  •   JCB Steering parts
  •   JCB Control parts
  •   JCB Attachments / Accessories